GioExpressions Private Spa is located at

2050 Western Ave Ste 200 Guilderland NY 12084.

LEFT side entrance of Star Plaza,

above TrustCo Bank. 2nd floor.

Tuesday-Saturday 10am-7pm


Full Body Steam Massage
60 min - $100
6 Treatment Package - $500
STEAM MASSAGE TREATMENT - For people who want a massage similar to those given by a massage therapist, but with hot steam added as a muscle relaxer and skin restoration service. Proven
to have twice the pain relief of MT service. One of our most popular service, there is nothing like this from other day spas!
Body Wrap with Infrared
30-60 min - $85
6 Treatment Package - $425
Infrared WRAP - body wrap for removal of toxins, reduction of inflammation & increase blood circulation. Includes body sculpting with heat and suction to further increase results.
*Highly recommended to buy package to keep results constant.
​Infrared Heat Therapy
​60 min - $65
6 Treatment Package - $300

INFRARED HEAT THERAPY- Using 110-240 degrees of infrared heat through our wrap system to remove all toxins from the body, remove acidity from your blood, increase oxygen content, increase blood circulation and increasing metabolism. Heating the inner core of the body and lowering blood pressure. 10x more effect than infrared saunas. Very effective for cancer patients in remission.

​Back Facial
​60 min - $100
6 Treatment Package - $500

BACK FACIAL- Cleansing Of Back, Hot Steam, Hot Towels, Massage Of Back, LED light healing therapy, Exfoliation, Extractions, High frequency, Toning, Mask, Moisturizer. (Ideal For People With Back Pain and Acne of The Back)